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Equip Your Team with Essential Cybersecurity Skills

Elevate your organisation’s security through expert cyber education services

According to a study by IBM, 95% of cyber security breaches result from human error.

Galah Cyber offers comprehensive Cyber Education Services in Australia to strengthen your organisation’s security posture. Our tailored training programs equip developers, managers, and tech leaders with essential cybersecurity skills, ensuring a proactive approach to security across your entire organisation.

Additionally, our Training and Education Program Delivery addresses your unique cybersecurity needs, fostering a security-aware culture within your team. Engage and educate your team with hands-on experiences through our Capture the Flag events, simulating real-world cybersecurity challenges. Our Lunch and Learn series provides bite-sized, convenient cybersecurity knowledge sessions, promoting continuous learning. Empower your team with Galah Cyber’s Education Services for enhanced cybersecurity capabilities.

Explore our range of AppSec
Training & Development Services

Training and Education
Program Delivery

We offer tailored training and education programs designed to address your organisation's unique cybersecurity needs, fostering a security-aware culture within your team.

Introduction to Secure Engineering & AppSec

Empower developers with essential security knowledge, best practices, and techniques to create secure, robust applications confidently.

Cybersecurity for
Tech Leaders

Providing executives with strategic insight, threat awareness, and best practices for robust, company-wide cyber defense.

Application Security for Development Managers

Our specialised training program for development managers covers essential application security principles, enabling them to effectively lead their teams in developing secure applications.

Designing & Hosting
Capture the Flag Events

Engage and educate your team with interactive, hands-on Capture the Flag events, designed to test and enhance their cybersecurity skills in real-world scenarios.

Lunch and Learn

Encourage continuous learning with our engaging Lunch and Learn series, providing bite-sized cybersecurity knowledge sessions that fit conveniently into your team's busy schedules.

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