Cybersecurity at the Velocity of Engineering

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Amidst the complex cybersecurity challenges of today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, AppSec forms the crucial part of an organisation’s defence strategy. Our approach combines strategic advisory, assured security, and targeted education to robustly safeguard your digital assets. This all comes in the form of our cybersecurity services.


Experience cyber security assurance with personalised AppSec Advisory Services, strategically mitigating risks to improve software development operations and enhance digital resilience.

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Maximise application security with specialised Assurance Services, including selection and implementation of AppSec tools, whitebox penetration testing, and secure code reviews for robust digital defences.

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Strengthen your team's cyber security skills with tailored Cyber Education Services, empowering them with knowledge for a proactive approach and robust defence against digital threats.

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Who we are?

Australian Application Security consultancy, providing AppSec program assessment for startups, scale-ups and large enterprises.

Founded in 2021

Team of skilled Engineers

Addresses AppSec program gaps

Provides contextual, clear guidance

Committed to nurturing future AppSec talent

Why choose us?

At Galah Cyber, our strength lies in our highly experienced consultants, each with over a decade of experience in security and software engineering. Our team is passionate about contributing to the cybersecurity community, regularly speaking at conferences and developing open-source software.

We distinguish ourselves by delivering uniquely tailored, practical, and cost-effective solutions for your business, rather than resorting to pre-canned findings. As a proudly Australian provider, we focus on nurturing local talent and propelling them into rewarding AppSec careers.

Choosing Galah Cyber is a strategic decision to partner with a committed team, prioritising personalised and effective cybersecurity solutions. It’s an alliance with an organisation that values transparency, delivering accessible and no-strings-attached security advice to empower your digital journey.


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