AppSec as a Service

Application Complexity is Optional;
Security Isn't.

Application security is the cornerstone of modern business, serving as the first line of defence in a landscape rife with evolving cyber threats. As the complexity of applications grows, so does the need for a security strategy that can adapt and respond in real-time. This is where AppSec as a Service comes into play. Unlike traditional security assessments that offer a snapshot in time, AppSec as a Service delivers ongoing, dynamic security solutions tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

At Galah Cyber, we’ve mastered the art of adaptable security. Our AppSec as a Service offerings are designed to scale with your organisation, providing a comprehensive security strategy that evolves with your business. Our team of experts covers a broad range of cybersecurity domains, ensuring that your applications are secure, compliant, and ready to meet the threats of tomorrow.

Why AppSec as a Service over traditional AppSec measures?

Continuous Monitoring and Response

Traditional security assessments offer a snapshot of your vulnerabilities at a single point in time. AppSec as a Service provides ongoing, real-time monitoring to identify and address vulnerabilities as they arise, ensuring that your applications are always secure.

Tailored to Your Organisation's Needs

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely address the unique security challenges your organisation faces. AppSec as a Service is customisable, allowing you to focus on the aspects of application security that are most relevant to your business.

Cost-Effective and Scalable

Building an in-house AppSec team can be costly and time-consuming. AppSec as a Service is a cost-effective alternative that scales with your organisation, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.

AppSec as a Service Solutions

Designed to Scale and Adapt with Your Unique Requirements

Starter TierProfessional TierEnterprise Tier
 Establish a core security strategy while assessing and securing your APIs for foundational protection.Build on your initial strategy with in-depth code reviews, DevOps security integration, and leadership training.Achieve full-scale security with strategic leadership, thorough vulnerability tests, and real-time monitoring.
API Security Assessment

Evaluating and enhancing security measures in APIs for better protection.

AppSec Strategy Advice

Providing expert strategic guidance on implementing effective AppSec measures and practices.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Identifying, assessing, and prioritising potential cybersecurity risks to mitigate threats effectively.

AppSec Training Sessions

Offering training sessions focused on essential application security concepts, practices, and preventive measures.

Threat Modelling Workshop

Conducting a workshop to systematically identify, analyse, and address potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Prioritisation

Ranking and addressing security vulnerabilities based on their severity, impact, and potential risks.

Monthly Reporting

Providing regular, detailed reports on the security status, incidents, and ongoing monitoring efforts.

Secure Code Review

Conducting thorough examinations of code for security vulnerabilities and ensuring adherence to best practices.

DevSecOps Enablement

Integrating and enhancing security practices within DevSecOps processes for better security.

Secure Engineering and AppSec training

Offering comprehensive training on secure software engineering practices and application security principles.

On-Demand AppSec and Secure Engineering Advice

Providing immediate, expert advice on application security and secure engineering issues as needed.

Managed AppSec Tool Offering

Offering and managing a suite of tools and services specifically designed to enhance application security.

Whitebox Penetration Testing

Conducting in-depth testing of application security by examining internal workings (whitebox) and vulnerabilities.

Dedicated AppSec Program Success Manager

Providing a dedicated manager to ensure the ongoing success and effectiveness of the application security program.


AppSec as a Service Use Cases

Agile Excellence

Enable continuous security assessments in agile environments, ensuring each software release is secure without hindering development speed.

Smart Resourcing

A cost-effective solution that fills the gap in application security for organisations without in-house expertise or resources.

Seamless Scalability

Effortlessly scale your application security measures to meet the growing needs of your organisation without any hiccups.

Unified Cloud Security

Centralise and harmonise security protocols across multiple cloud providers, ensuring consistent and streamlined security management.

Legacy Optimisation

Breathe new life into older systems by identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities without the need for a complete overhaul

Third-Party Assurance

Gain peace of mind by evaluating and continuously monitoring the security posture of external applications integrated into your ecosystem.

DevSecOps Harmony

Achieve a perfect blend of development and security by integrating automated checks into your CI/CD pipeline for a secure lifecycle.

Global Compliance

Navigate the complexities of multi-country operations by managing security compliance across different jurisdictions effortlessly.

Business Continuity

Minimise downtime and revenue loss by quickly identifying and rectifying security incidents, ensuring smooth business operations.

Data Safeguard

Enjoy robust data protection with ongoing monitoring and immediate alerts for any security anomalies, keeping your sensitive data secure.

Why Galah Cyber

Team of Experts

A comprehensive team skilled in multiple domains of cybersecurity to cover all your needs.

Clear Language

We simplify cybersecurity jargon into clear business terms for informed decision-making by leadership.

Continuous Improvement

We offer ongoing assessments and guidance for sustained risk reduction and cybersecurity investment.

Vertical Benchmarking

Providing industry-specific insights by comparing your cybersecurity measures with peer organisations.


Stay ahead with real-time updates on current and emerging cybersecurity threats for proactive action.


Our team is readily available through various channels for immediate, collaborative cybersecurity support.

Discuss Your AppSec Needs with Galah Cyber Experts.

Reach out to arrange a consultation and explore tailored solutions for enhancing your organisation’s security posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Application Security as a Service?

Application Security as a Service (AppSec as a Service) is an outsourced solution that provides continuous, real-time monitoring and assessment of your software applications. Unlike traditional security measures that offer a one-time snapshot of your vulnerabilities, AppSec as a Service provides ongoing protection tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. This approach allows for immediate detection and remediation of any security issues, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and other cyber threats. For a deeper understanding, you can read our blog post on Why AppSec as a Service.

While both API security and Application Security (AppSec) aim to protect software from vulnerabilities, their focus areas differ. API security specifically targets the security of application programming interfaces (APIs), which are the connectors that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. AppSec, on the other hand, is a broader field that encompasses the security of the entire application, including but not limited to its APIs.

DevSecOps is a practice that integrates security measures directly into the DevOps process, aiming for a more holistic approach to secure the entire software development lifecycle. AppSec, however, focuses solely on the security of the application itself, often as a distinct phase or set of activities within the broader DevSecOps or software development process.

Information Security (InfoSec) is a broad field that aims to protect all information assets within an organisation, whether they are stored in databases, files, or other formats. AppSec is a subset of InfoSec that focuses specifically on securing software applications against vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

The primary function of Application Security (AppSec) is to identify, assess, and rectify vulnerabilities in software applications. This is crucial for preventing unauthorised access, data breaches, and other forms of cyberattacks. AppSec measures can include code reviews, penetration testing, and real-time monitoring among others.

AppSec as a Service offers a more dynamic and adaptive approach to application security. Traditional methods often provide only a snapshot of an application’s security posture at a single point in time. In contrast, AppSec as a Service offers continuous monitoring and real-time responses to security threats, making it a more effective solution for today’s fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape. For more insights, check out our blog on Why Application Security.

A common example of application security is the use of real-time monitoring tools to detect vulnerabilities like SQL injection or cross-site scripting in a web application. Once detected, these vulnerabilities can be immediately patched or otherwise mitigated to prevent potential data breaches or unauthorised access.