A Bunch of Galahs: An Australian Application Security Consultancy

So who is Galah Cyber, what do we do, and why are we doing it?

The Flock, as we call ourselves, has one purpose: to help our clients secure their applications from cyber threats, no matter what languages the applications were written in, how they were deployed or where they are running.

Our mission is to provide advice and solutions in plain English that relate to your business and tech stack so you can secure complex applications through high-quality and experienced guidance. We want to secure your digital presence without all the acronyms and technobabble, with independent advice, education and assurance. Delivered with actionable insights tailored to how you do business and your technology.

We come from various backgrounds in engineering, cybersecurity and the cloud, and we all had one thing in common, we saw that software and applications are becoming core to every business, yet they were not adequately secured against cyber threats.

We saw the benefits of applications that were secure by design, finding and fixing vulnerabilities in code early in the development lifecycle, and automating security into the development process so that when you become agile and adopt DevOps practices, security isn’t left behind or an afterthought.

We also want to help you better use the tools you’ve invested in to help you reduce their risk and make the customer experience safer and more secure. Most organisations invest in tools because they want to be more secure however, most never fully realise the value of that investment. Our experienced consultants are able to look at your current tooling, make recommendations and configure it to ensure you get the best ROI.

We want to work with our clients to:

  • Ensure that applications are secure before they are released into production
  • Achieve a true DevSecOps culture with security automated at every stage
  • Make application workloads running in the cloud safer and more resilient

In order to achieve these goals, we have some basic principles that we believe in and strive to meet every day:

  • Deliver a great customer journey
  • Deliver high quality with every engagement
  • Deliver independent and contextualised advice with actionable outcomes
  • Engage, nurture and contribute to the AppSec community and conversation
  • Invest in our team so that they can grow wings and fly with the flock

But what really makes us different is that we want to start this journey from a positive place, not with all the fear, uncertainty and doubt. We would rather advise than lecture you on the challenges of cybersecurity. We would rather educate than obscure with buzzwords or the latest cyber fad. We would rather help you to deliver great engineering, create safer digital spaces and secure applications so that you can build trust in your applications and technology.

So who is Galah Cyber?

We are an independent Australian application security consultancy delivering cybersecurity at the velocity of engineering and trying to have a bit of fun at the same time. So look out for the people in pink! (Not the ones in the dark hoodies).